Wonder woman unaired pilot - DVD

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Wonder Woman (unaired TV pilot) 2011| DVD

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Starring Adrianne Palicki, Carey Elwes, Elizabeth Hurley

: No. Of Disc : 1 // Quality is 10 Format :DVD All Region // Language : English Genre : TV/Rare//workprint//screener

Another superhero tv show that was not given even the chance to air on tv for the public to judge for themselves on if it was worthy or not for a complete series! This is an obvious workprint/screener because some scenes you can see the wires attached to the actors as they leap into the air, and in some cases "notes" were posted on changes that needed to be made to the scene. The invisible jet looks like a 3D model without the textures added. Nevertheless, it was still pretty good to watch although it was not very impressive. Presented in Widescreen. 43mins.

**This has not been released and unaired

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Reviews (2)

Tremayne Pete 20th Mar 2021

Wonder Woman pilot

The show would've been something. The video is unedited, so you see the ropes from the jumping and throwing, also, there's 2 spots where director comments flash across the screen. Otherwise, it's the unaired pilot in all its glory.

Andrew C Bell 25th Sep 2020


Although there were times that main actor was quite good of conveying situation. But all in all the effects was horrible. I am not sure if my copy was an unedited copy but strings on people as they were being thrown is something I do not want to see. At the beginning... Pants on Wonderwoman... that was awesome, then at the ending battle, back to the dated outfit... oh well... maybe if they pilot was what brought her to the situation she was in.. .instead of just dropping us off at this point in time.. Maybe the writers thought they would shine a light on the past.... oh well

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