Aquaman Unaired TV Pilot - DVD

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Aquaman TV Pilot DVD, Mercy Reef DVD, Unaired TV episode, Justin Hartley, Rare



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Starring: Justin Hartley, Ving Rhames, Lou Diamond Phillips
Format :DVD All Region // Widescreen
Language : English: // 43 minutes // Quality is 10
Genre : /Drama/Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Superheroes, comics

Not officially released to date.

Premise: Arthur Curry (AC) is the exiled Prince of Atlantis who was sent away as an infant with his mother, Atlanna, in order to save their lives from the evil forces that overtook his father’s kingdom. The show starts when those forces find his mother, but AC manages to escape on the backs of whales. Ten years later, it’s the present day and a young 20’s AC has no idea what happened to his mother or why she called him “Orin,” but he does know he can hold his breath underwater as long as he wants, and he can swim faster than a cigarette boat. The show also seemed to go with the premise we saw in Smallville that AC had super strength when he was in the water or at least when he was wet. I don’t remember that from the comics but it didn’t bother me all too much. In a word, I thought the Pilot was great. The series seemed like it would’ve had a ton of potential. Al Gough and Miles Millar once again showed their affinity for taking the classic DC heroes of the Silver Age and putting them in contemporary surroundings. From the makers of Smallville.

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Reviews (1)

Andrew C Bell 25th Sep 2020


This attempt of a niche in the entertainment was not built up enough to warrant its success at its time. I blame the powers... this pilot was not bad... as a matter of fact the dynamic between actors was sincere. Wish they gave more of a chance along with a budget for effects.

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