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The 60-minute comedy Ask Max stars Jeff B. Cohen in the title role. A 12-year-old genius, poor Max is a washout socially. To impress his girl friend, he sells the design of his latest invention-a jumping bike-to a major toy company. The upshot of this is that Max is appointed a company vice-president (but he still hasn't quite won over that girl!) Cassie Yates, Ray Walston, and Glynn Turman costar, while Kareem Abdul Jabbar makes a guest appearance. Ask Max originated as the November 2, 1986 installment of TV's Disney Sunday Movie.

Ask Max - DVD

  Ask MAX (1986) DVD   Status: In stock|ships within 24 hours of payment   Starring : Jeff Cohen(The Goonies) No. Of Disc : 1 Format :DVD All Region Language...
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