If you don't read anything on this site before purchasing, chances are you will be disappointed.  We would like for you to have a nice experience in  your efforts to get and see that movie you've been tracking down for years. Please Check these Frequently Asked Questions out before contacting us, and if there's anything not answered here, please contact us and we will give you an answer.


How can I pay? Is it safe to use my credit card?

All prices in our store are listed in US dollars. We currently accept Visa & Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Debit/ATM cards with those logos. Our credit card processor is through a completely Secured Server, we are verified merchants (Check Seal below) and your Credit Card information is never shared..even with us. We at no time see your credit card information.


Do you take PAYPAL?

Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept nor do business through Paypal.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Worldwide.


Looks like my coupon code expired. Can I still use it? 


Unfortunately, no. But we'll be running more promotions and sending out more discount codes in the future, join the mailing list for updates on these!


My coupon code didn't work when I placed an order. What should I do? 


First check to make sure your coupon code isn't expired and that you've typed in the code correctly during checkout (It's always suggested to just "copy and paste" for the best results). If neither of these suggestions resolves your problem, please contact us.


D-oh! My address or email address was typed in incorrectly. What can I do? 


Don't panic! Contact us ASAP with the changes you need made. There are options in your account within the site to make the corrections, but if you feel better with us fixing the changes for you, that's what we're here for!  Orders are shipped in 24-48 hours so there's still enough time for us to fix any changes for you. If your order has already been marked as "awaiting shipment" that means it's been processed, packed and or ready to go out for pickup, changes are most likely not an option at this point. We'll do our very best to resolve things for you!


How long will it take to get what I ordered?

Depending on your location (within the USA) it can be anywhere from 3-7 days.

Overseas orders are shipped First Class international. The time varies in destination time, and due to the recent changes because of the pandemic, could take 11-20 days (please also consider it having to go through your country's customs). Generally, these times can vary, please contact us if a significant amount of time has passed and you haven't received your package.

*We are not responsible for charges imposed by your local customs.


What about your returns policy?

All Sales are Final due to the movies not being "official releases" and the duplicating technology (anyone can now burn DVDs on their computer) we will only exchange defective discs within 7-14 days, Buyer responsible for return shipping which is non-refundable. *However, please do not send back any items without consulting with us first or your package will be returned to you unopened. So ask any and all questions on your mind before attempting a purchase.


Will the DVD's work on my DVD player?

The DVD's are NOT "official Studio" releases and are on DVD-R format. Please make sure your player supports this format; we can also do a DVD+R format if requested as well. The DVDs are also made Region free which means they will play anywhere in the world with no zone restrictions.  If you experience problems with the DVD's contact us within 7-14 days for a disc replacement.


What do these terms on  your site mean?

"Not officially Released", "Not commercially Released"

A: This means that the studios have not released the movie and it's in the Public Domain until they decide to give it a proper release [either by the "flip" of a coin or until a billion signatures are collected ;O)] These movies are in most cases long forgotten and in such low demand, they don't think it's worth the effort to release them. In the recent years, the studios are so lazy that they are now releasing some of these rare movies on DVD-R too!


What if I didn't know or understand that the movie I purchased was on DVD-R? 


We are not into lying to anyone for sales here. Everything is truthfully told on each page of the site down to the actual detailed item page. It's up to the buyer to take the time and responsibility to read what is being sold to them. If there's any doubts or questions just hit the "Contact us" button and we'll gladly answer. No lies or anything, it will be up to the buyer to decide if they still want to purchase. We will not give any refunds because of failure to read what is obviously written all over the site.


Ok, so now that I know the movies are on DVD-R, do they at least come with some sort of cover art in a DVD case? 


Sure! That's the least we can do :O) How cheap can we be? Again, we want you to have a nice experience here and throwing the DVD in a slip cover with a  a "sharpie" marker label is really...well...UM..CHEAP!


Can I send these kind of movies as a gift to someone?


It would have to be a judgement call by you as the buyer. The movies are once again on DVD-R so unless the person on the receiving end understands this, then we don't recommend it. We don't want to be held responsible if  you are embarrassed when the person receives it not knowing.


What's the quality like on these movies?

Being that most of the movies have not had proper DVDs releases, the quality can vary. We try to however post the best possible quality available for that particular title. Our sources are Laser disc, original factory VHS tapes, Beta-max, TV airings (some original airings) and sometimes rare cases when we can get an HD source. We continuously search for better quality and if available we update it if necessary.


I've never purchased anything online before, I'm so uneasy about doing so; let alone from site's like this, is everything safe and secure? 


IF you've never purchased ANYTHING on the net before and feel extremely paranoid about it, then we suggest sticking to what makes you comfortable and that would most likely mean purchasing offline at a "physical" store.  Please do keep in mind that these movies are NOT available in regular stores. Due to the nature of the movie's titles and the rarity, they would most likely only be available to purchase online. We do promise that everything is secure, and private if you make the decision to buy from us. If you still don't feel comfortable, then you're free to go back on the google search engine and move on to the next site. 


How do I know when my order has been shipped?


Your account within the site will have any updates, and or messages regarding your order. You don't have to necessarily create an account to get the info, as it is automated upon an order with us. Creating an account with us enables buyers to have a wishlist, track previous orders, etc.   As far as tracking your package goes, it will be sent on behalf of us through Stamps.com and is considered an attachment. If you have on high mailbox filters (AOL users..we see you!), chances it will be going into your spam, bulk, and or junk folders, and you won't see it.  When you do see it, open it up click on the link and it'll update you on your package whereabouts. International buyers cannot track packaging through Stamps.com because of our shipping method which is first class international. General arrival time is 11-20 days. 


I had a problem paying with my Credit Card, what should I do?

This doesn't happen often but in the event that it does, please  Contact Us and inform us that you may have encountered a problem. We will look into the matter and get back to you within 24 hours.


What is your Privacy Policy?

Your email address and mailing address are not ever sold, leased or given to anyone. We will never give them to any marketers, spammers, etc. We don't even advertise other businesses on the site for an extra buck, this is a private site.


Is my order SECURE?

It sure is! We do not see your credit card number provided under any circumstances nor do we have access to your card at any time. All payment portals start with "https:" and have a padlock to show that you're information is secured.