Werewolf TV Series - DVD John J. York (1987)

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Starring : John J. York, Chuck Connors
No. Of Disc : 4

Format :DVD All Regions
Language : English
Genre :Horror/werewolves//Drama//suspense/thrillers

Werewolf is an American horror series, and one of the original shows in the Fox network's broadcast line-up during its inaugural season of 1987-1988.

The show follows the adventures of Eric Cord (John J. York), a college student transformed into a werewolf who undergoes a quest to rid himself of his curse by killing the apparent originator of his 'bloodline,' a drifter named Janos Skorzeny (played by Chuck Connors in his last television role). While pursuing Skorzeny, Cord himself is pursued by the persistent bounty hunter "Alamo" Joe Rogan (Lance LeGault). However, Cord then begins to hunt down Nicholas Remy (Brian Thompson), the real originator of the bloodline.


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Reviews (2)

Eric 28th Oct 2022

Great product.

I have been looking for this series in some format for years. So I was dubious when I found it on Vintage Shack. It arrived very quickly and is precisely what I'd hoped for. Yes, it was recorded from TV, but that's OK. Honestly it reminds me of the vhs recordings I myself made of the first couple of episodes when it first aired. Only the quality of this DVD set is much better. As far as the series itself, I've always loved it. I love the creature effects, and I feel like the story is fun. It isn't overly campy. It doesn't feel too melodramatic. It's a really good werewolf story.

Jonathan Defoxsa-Bearsa 27th Sep 2016

The best Dvd vintage I ever seen.

First I love this dvd series I wish it could have done two or three seasons how ever all and all I loved it. it is in good condition. it just showed the series no extras which is fine it was well put together . I get why the price is what it is. since it is rare it dose have the chiller logo on the TV show but hey it just makes look like ya watching TV but with no commercials. all and all I loved it and so glad I got this series and i will be ordering again I got my eye out for some series right now. tho if you have tuckers witch I would be ordering right away . but all and all good job on how you put the dvds together.

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