The White Rapper Show - DVD

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The White Rapper show|DVD

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Format DVD All Region
Language : English
Quality :10 out of 10 *Not commercially released to date
Genre :/Reality TV/Hip-hop/Rap/contest

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About the Show:

1.MC Serch from the rap group 3rd bass, along with Ego Trip form this reality TV series looking for the next great white hope...rapper.


Stars: Michael "MC Serch" Berin

Famous Quote from the show:

Scene: Oldschool rappers Lord Jamar, and Sadat X from Brand Nubian are guests on the show to school them.....

Jamar: "Somebody got a ghetto revival or some shit like that? Who is that?"
John Brown: "That's me"
Jamar: "That's you? What's that mean?"
John Brown: "Ghetto revival is a company, we based in Brooklyn you know what I'm sayin.and we got experienced members of the street." (The streets is giving out memberships now?)
Jamar: "Okay, whats that all about?"
Brown: "It's a company, we got experienced members of the street"
Jamar: "I don't care who ya got, what's it about?"
Brown: "It's about the revival"
Jamar: "The revival of what?"
Brown: "The ghetto"
Jamar: "Why would you wanna revive the ghetto? The ghetto is poverty and pain. Especially for black people."
Brown: "We trying to revive it economically, spiritually, you know what I'm sayin? Infrastructure wise, its nothing but love my brother"
Jamar: "When I hear ghetto revival I'm thinking that y'all wanna bring ghetto shit back. Like y'all want niggas pissing in elevators and smoking crack and shit like that"
Brown: "Nah man. Hallelujah holla back. Hallelujah holla back. Hallelujah holla back."

Famous quote from John Brown: "I'm not a rapper..I'm an entity"





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Reviews (1)

Travis 13th Dec 2022

White Rapper Show

Did an awesome job with this dvd!! 10/10 recommend!!

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