The Thief of Baghdad - DVD

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The Thief of Baghdad/DVD

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Starring : Steve Reeves

No. Of Discs : 1 ::

Format:DVD-All Regions
Language :English
Genre :Adventure,Action,fantasy

Aimed at the youngsters, this typical Italian fantasy-adventure stars Steve Reeves as Karim, the thief of the title. Karim is not only the strongest, fastest, and smartest of thieves, he also has a magic ring and a cape that makes him invisible. Thus armed, he is well-prepared to face a series of Herculean tests in order to win the hand of the Sultan's beautiful daughter Anima (Georgia Moll). These "tests" purify his past wrongdoings and ultimately lead to a blue rose, the key to winning Anima in marriage...

**out of print rarity, fullscreen. Not released officially on DVD.


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Reviews (2)

Jackpine 28th Dec 2019

Best Of The Sword and Sandals Movies?

This was a favorite when we were kids, and is still fun. It has been hard to find. Steve Reeves was pretty much an early Arnold S., and started making movies after his success at body building. The movie rolls right along... discover several portals, find a non-existent blue rose, save the princess and become Sultan of Baghdad! I’m not going to tell you how it ends...

Max 2nd Mar 2016

great service and good quality

good price, good service and good quality

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