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Johnny Dark (1954) : /DVD


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Starring: Tony Curtis, Piper Laurie, Don Taylor, Paul Kelly, William H. 'Scotty' Scott, Ilka Chase

No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English:
Genre :Action/drama/Rare/classics

Automobile engineer, Johnny Dark, designs a radical new car. When the owner refuses to sponsor the car in a Canada to Mexico Sports-car race, Johnny, with the aid of the owner's granddaughter, steals the car and runs the race against the favored driver, his ex-buddy. .




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Reviews (1)

Sally Lycke 18th Sep 2018

Johnny Dark, Starring Tony Curtis

Saw one movie each year through Elementary, Jr. High and High School--and of all of them, the only one I remember is Johnny Dark. Have been looking for this movie for roughly 50+ years and finally found on DVD to own. The print was a bit old (but then again, the movie itself is OLD) and stopped and started in spots, but the color was good and you could easily follow the story. My husband had only ever heard me extoll the movie's praises and, even knowing me as well as he does, was rather surprised to discover it was a road race sports car movie! :) We both enjoyed watching...

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