Two came back - DVD (Jonathan Brandis)

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Two came back /DVD


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  Based upon real life events; there was even an episode on that tv show "I shouldn't be alive" featuring this story..

Susan Clarkson (Melissa Joan Hart) agrees to go with Jason (Jonathan Brandis) and three other young crew members who have built themselves a 60 foot sailing yacht, and take the yacht out to sea from San Diego to Vancouver to deliver it to a potential buyer. However the over-anxious captain sails off course and the crew runs into some bad weather. While out at sea, the yacht sinks leaving the crew to fend for themselves against the merciless elements. All trapped on an emergency raft, they find themselves without food, water or supplies and with sharks posing a constant threat to their survival.


Cast: Melissa Joan Hart, Jonathan Brandis



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Chris 17th Dec 2018

Two Came Back

No probs with purchase, will buy again from Vintage Shack for sure!

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