The Spell - DVD (1977)

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The Spell (1977) DVD

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Starring : Lee Grant, James Olson, Susan Myers

No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD
Language : English
Genre :Romantic Comedy/ Family.

This is a rare classic that seemed to be almost a "rip off" of the popular movie "Carrie". This is a TV movie. Also stars a very young Helen Hunt.


Rita Matchett, 15 years old, lives in an ordinary town, attends an ordinary high school and wants to lead an ordinary life. But Rita is far from being an ordinary teenager: she is somehow possessed of the supernatural power to inflict horror upon the people around her - just by thinking it!

**Not commercially released to date.

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Reviews (2)

NA 12th May 2017

She wasn't even fat!!

I know in the 70's being 130 pounds was like the fat lady in the circus but come on she wasn't even fat. By today's standards this girl is the size of the "Slim-thick" girls, yes times have changed :) I wanted to see her really "go in" on some bullies but the movie kinda went in a slightly different direction than I thought it would. I still liked it though. I am still in awe at that huge "70's style house she lived in, oh and Lee Grant rules and was the second best thing about this movie. #thecraft

30th May 2016

Glad I found this site.

The audio and video production was very good. Very fortunate to come across this site and find this little known 70s gem. The order process went smoothly and the movie arrived within a week. The site was very helpful answering any questions I had. Would definitely order from them again.

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