Sylvia - DVD (1965)

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Sylvia (1965)/DVD


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Starring : Carroll Baker, George Maharis and Joanne Dru
No. Of Discs : 1
Format:DVD-All Region//Quality is 9.0
Language :English
Genre :Drama/Mystery//suspense/

Sylvia West is a young poetess engaged to Frederic Summers, an eccentric millionaire. Summers, a man who always fears he is being loved for his money, decides to make a small check on his prospective bride. The results of this check completely shock him. Not one fact matches 'his' Sylvia. Intregued and bewildered, Summers hires detective Alan Maklin and has him make a thorough investigation on 'Who Is Sylvia..

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Reviews (1)

Forrest 31st Jul 2018

Great Story Sad Transfer

The transfer was a little out of focus, but no other vendor has offered it in years. Loved the book by Howard Fast, Blacklisted Author.

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