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RAD | Soundtrack CD

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Starring: Bill Allen, Talia Shire, Lori Loughlin, Bart Conner
Format : CD-R (LP transferred)

Featuring music from the movie on this great and classic soundtrack!

Genre : /pop /music /rock /soft rock /Vinyl /soundtracks/80s

It's going to take alot more than skill for Cru Jones to win the toughest BMX race in history.... It's going to take a miracle.

1   John Farnham - Break The Ice     3:19
2   The Beat Farmers - Riverside     3:28  
3   Three Speed - Wind Me Up     3:56  
4 Hubert Kah - Get Strange     3:06  
5   Real Life - Send Me an Angel     3:56  
6   Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To     4:22  
7   Jimmy Haddox - Baby Come Back     4:08  
8   John Farnham - Thunder in Your Heart     3:40  
9   John Farnham - With You (Love Theme)     4:01  
10   John Farnham - Break the Ice (remix by Nitrous Oxide)     4:08  



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Stephen 4th Apr 2016

Classic tunes

If you've ever watched the video you will know during the opening and closing credits there are two John Farnham songs that are absolute classics ! This Cd has both including a remix ! Also all the other tracks hidden through the movie including send me an angel. I find myself escaping while on the drive to work to a simpler time of BMXing through the neighbourhood :) If you're a fan of of the movie, you'll definitely enjoy the soundtrack !

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