Out of Bounds - DVD (1986)

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Out of Bounds: /DVD


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Starring: Anthony Michael Hall
No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English:
Genre :Action/Crime/Rare/thriller/mistaken identity

An Iowa farmboy picks up the wrong bag at the Los Angeles airport, and is plunged into a world of crime, drugs, and murder.

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Reviews (2)

Andrew Yuene 4th Aug 2018

I am out of breath watching this movie

I think this is probably the best movie with Anthony Michael hall I've ever seen, I mean asides from 16 candles. It was a far cry away from his normal "comedic" type roles and he was EXCELLENT in this!! Who says you have to have big muscles and one-liners to carry an action movie, and ACTION this was!! He plays a farm boy who goes to LA to stay with his brother after his parents separation, in the baggage claim area at the airport he picks up the wrong bag with drugs in it and the drug dealer realizes this and hunts him down and taking anyone down who's in the way to get his "bag" back. This is non stop action from beginning to end, If you like the movie "RUN' with Patrick Dempsey (another rare movie) you'll love this one!!

Janny F 23rd Apr 2017

Out of Bounds

Our movie was wrapped well and delivered quickly. The first movie we received was defective in a few spots. We contacted Vintage Shack in the required amount of time, and they immediately sent us a replacement movie that works perfect. This company is very nice to do business with. Thank you. We will definitely buy from Vintage Shack again.

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