Mara of the Wilderness - DVD (Adam West)

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Mara of the Wilderness 1965 | DVD

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Format DVD All Region
Language : English 
Actors : Adam West ( heard right..before BATMAN) Linda Saunders,Theo Marcuse

Genre :Adventure/Wildlife/Action/General audiences


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Synopsis for Movie:

Tagline: child of nature! Untamed! Untouched! Survives all nature's fury

After her parents are killed by a bear in the Alaskan wilderness, 7-year-old Mara Wade is left alone in the forest with two wolf pups. She grows into adulthood as a wild creature cared for by the fiercely protective wolves. One day she saves the life of Ken Williams, an anthropologist working for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, when his arm and foot are caught in steel traps set by Jarnagan, a brutal trapper intent on capturing Mara for a freak show. While Williams is recovering from his wounds in Mara's cave, the young woman is captured by Jarnagan, but aided by her wolves, Mara escapes and goes off into the wilderness. Williams radios for help, tracks down Jarnagan, and holds him until the forest rangers arrive. He then locates the wild girl and begins teaching her the ways of civilization.

There are some movies that you just have to "suspend yourself in disbelief" with and this is one of them, but boy oh boy, don't forget to check your brain at the door!  Despite all this, this is a great family film all will enjoy and may bring back memories for you or someone you know.

  • Unreleased movie
  • Pretty good quality for an old film


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