Knights of the City - DVD (Leon Isaac Kennedy)

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Knights of the City (1984) |DVD

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Starring :Leon Isaac Kennedy (Penitentiary movies)
No. Of Disc : 1 // Rated R
Region :DVD All Region
Language : English
Genre :Action/crime/drama/B-movies/Gangs

Plot Outline: 

Knights Of The City was produced in 1984 under the title Cry Of The City, but wasn’t released until 1986. Presumably, this had more than a little to do with the arrest and trial of the executive producer of the film, Michael Franzese, a man Tom Brokaw called “the prince of the mafia”. 


Knights Of The City was written by and stars Leon Isaac Kennedy, who you may remember as Too Sweet from all three Penitentiary films. Apparently, after Penitentiary II, Mr. Kennedy decided that writing a film couldn’t be that hard and sat down to write the story of a tough street gang that wants to leave their life of crime behind and succeed as a band. Kennedy plays the leader of interracial gang the Royals, Troy, who is constantly torn between his desire to be a serious musician and his sense of duty to protect his turf from rival gang the Mechanics (they steal cars).

  It has some really interesting cameos. KC (of the Sunshine Band) and Smokey Robinson both appear as themselves. And Sammy Davis Jr. recorded a scene for the film that was cut from the final version, which seems like a gigantic mistake at this point. But casting and cameos aside, there’s not much here. There’s a reason Kennedy’s writing career didn’t take off after this film. The love story is dropped in the third act with barely any explanation and the love interest (who was a very major character up till this point) is forgotten. The relationship between the gangs and the police is actually fairly interesting, but almost completely ignored. The most interesting thing about the film, apart from The Fat Boys appearance, is how much the plot resembles Miami Connection, which came out one year later in 1987.

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