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J.T. (1969)| DVD

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Starring : Kevin Hooks (The White Shadow), Ja'net Dubois (Good Times) Theresa Merritt
No. Of Discs : 1
Format:DVD-All Region
Language :English
Genre :Drama/urban/rare/
Tv movies

J. T. Gamble, a shy, withdrawn Harlem youngster, shows compassion and responsibility when he takes on the care of an old, one-eyed, badly injured alley cat days before Christmas and secretly nurses it back to health.

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Reviews (4)

Jim Small 20th May 2023

JT...and Vintage Shack

I saw this short film when I was about 10 years old. I think on PBS. I don't think it ever got the high praise it deserved. A little Black kid, whose father just abandoned the family, lives with his struggling Mom and visiting Grandma at Christmastime. He's headed down the wrong path of stealing, etc., but a chance encounter with a skinny, starving cat opens his heart. I won't say any more than that. It's gritty and real but not "stereotypical" of inner-city lives. I only saw it once, but it left such an impression that I still remembered it 54 years later. That's where Vintage Shack came in: I found it on their site and though I knew nothing about them I figured: "what's so bad if I lose about $20 off a fake site?" WELL: I was very impressed: prompt, personalized email follow-ups after my order, notifications of shipping and expected delivery date, and then a follow-up to see if I was satisfied! The DVD quality is 1st-rate, considering it was a very low-budget movie filmed before VHS or DVD ever existed. This movie has moved to the FRONT of my rather-extensive "Christmas Season" collection. I cannot enough say "THANK YOU and GREAT JOB" to Vintage Shack. Whenever in the future I want or need to find something so hard to find, Vintage Shack will be at the top of my internet "bookmarks" list!

Art 22nd Dec 2021

Great Movie

This movie is a favorite of my wife. She used to watch it every year as a child. We had one but it was misplaced so I had to replace it for her.

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