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J.T. (1969)| DVD

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Starring : Kevin Hooks (The White Shadow), Ja'net Dubois (Good Times) Theresa Merritt
No. Of Discs : 1
Format:DVD-All Region
Language :English
Genre :Drama/urban/rare/
Tv movies

J. T. Gamble, a shy, withdrawn Harlem youngster, shows compassion and responsibility when he takes on the care of an old, one-eyed, badly injured alley cat days before Christmas and secretly nurses it back to health.

*Not released officially

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Reviews (2)

Tobey A. 24th Jan 2017

Oh man this was soooo nostalgic for me!

Wish they still showed stuff like this on a nice Saturday afternoon when there were only 7 channels to choose from. This one always stuck out and I couldn't remember the name but the picture helped solve this puzzle for me and I bought it! This is a definite "Throwback" for me. It arrived nicely packaged up and quick. Would use the Vintage shack service again.

Matt Kinlott 21st Nov 2016

Nice look back at this old tv movie

It's hard to believe that it's been over 40 something years since this aired and I saw it as a little kid. Everything about it reminds me of growing up in the inner city back then. I really love it and glad I found it here.

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