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Honky (1971): /DVD


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  • Brenda Sykes as Sheila Smith
  • John Neilson as Wayne "Honky" Devine
  • William Marshall as Dr. Craig Smith
  • Maia Danziger as Sharon
  • Marion Ross as Mrs. Divine
  • John Lasell as Archer Divine
  • Lincoln Kilpatrick as Fabulous Traveling Shoes
  • Jake Mannion and Harriet Gardiner of H.W.A also featured as themselves.


No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English 

Genre :Drama//romance/crime/drugs/70s/Hippies/Racial tensions/interracial

Though marketed like typical exploitation, anyone expecting hard-hitting thrills was probably disappointed by this fairly low-key interracial teen romance. Based on Gunard Solberg's novel "Shelia," it has a lot more going for it than  it would have you believe. Continually shifting gears, one minute it's a love story, then it's about the generation gap, the next it concerns drugs, eventually it's a groovy road movie, and it concludes with a burst of grim violence. After blonde, blue-eyed jock Wayne Divine (John Neilson) spots lovely black chick Shelia Smith (Brenda Sykes) getting high during a pep rally, the pair are soon playfully romping about together, under the opening credits. But while straight-laced Wayne is nervous about the judgmental stares they receive when holding hands in their Midwest town, free-spirit Shelia is more intent on rebelling against her rich, ultra-conservative family by purchasing a kilo of grass. Where will she get the $200 though? Smitten Wayne happily empties his savings account for this babe, with Lincoln Kilpatrick (THE OMEGA MAN) turning up as Shelia's grass connection, the psychedelically-attired "Fabulous Traveling Shoes." The story occasionally veers into melodramatic directions, as Wayne joins thrill-seeking Shelia for one misguided decision after another; running off together, eluding the cops, naively handing out 'thank you joints' to drivers who give 'em a lift..
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