Here Come the Munsters - DVD

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Here Come the Munsters (1995) DVD

if you liked the series you'll like this 1995 movie!


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Starring : Edward Hermann, Veronica Hamel
No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD
Language : English
Genre :Comedy/ Family.

In Transylvania, a raged crowd expels the Munster family from their castle. While escaping from the villagers, Herman finds a piece of a letter from his sister Elsa Munster Hyde and his brother-in-law Norman Hyde from North America and the family decides to travel to California. When they meet their niece Marilyn, they are informed that Norman is missing and his wife is in coma due to her loss. On the next days, the Munster family faces problem with the adaptation in the new country: Lily meets her snoopy neighbors; Grandpa researches in the laboratory a cure for Elsa and finds a videotape that shows what has happened with Norman; and Eddie goes to the school and has problem with the local bully. When the candidate to the Senate Brent Jeckyll arrives in the location in campaign, Grandpa discloses the truth about the past of the bigotry candidate..

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Here come the Munsters (Trailer) by V-Shack


Reviews (1)

Timothy Sandusky 5th Nov 2020

Great film, Great Quality

The DVD was of great quality, and it was so nice to see this film again after so many years!

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