Dream Machine - DVD (Corey Haim)

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(1991) The Dream Machine


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Starring : Corey Haim, Evan Richards, Jeremy Slate, Randall England, Tracy Fraim, Brittney Lewis, Susan Seaforth Hayes
Directed By: Lyman Dayton
Format:DVD-All Region //

Language :English
Genre :Crime//Drama/conspiracy/comedy

In this comedy, college student Barry Davis (Corey Haim) longs to be able to afford a really great car to impress the coeds. However, when Barry receives a beautiful Porshe as an unusual gift, he discovers that his dream car isn't all it is cracked up to be, especially with a dead body in the trunk..

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Reviews (3)

John Clifton 15th Jun 2024

Dream Machine

Great film and a great copy, recommended from this seller, excellent service

J. Epperson 4th May 2021

Dream Machine

Great to have a DVD copy. COuldn't watch the VHS copy I own. I had forgotten the subtle foreshadowing though out the movie. It's a good movie. Haim is pretty lame but the supporting cast and the story is good. I heard it took all day to get a shot of the girl catching the football. From the reminder to take out the garbage and how the covered the body to the hints of the desire to go to Hawaii. However, I think it could have ended just fine when the parents got home.

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