Dawn Portrait of a teenage runaway - DVD

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Dawn Portrait of a teenage runaway /DVD 1976


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Starring Eve Plumb, Leigh McCloskey, Bo Hopkins
No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English
Genre :Teens/Drama/Afterschool specials/cbs schoolbreak


Fed up with the constant humiliation she endures from her alcoholic mother, teenager Dawn Wetherby (Eve Plumb) decides to run away from home to what she believes will be a better life in Hollywood, Calif. Upon arriving, however, she quickly finds that no one will employ a girl so young, and in no time is led into a life of prostitution by smooth-talking pimp Swan (Bo Hopkins). Despite her dire circumstances, she finds solace in her friendship with a male hustler named Alex (Leigh McCloskey).

**This is unreleased (not out on DVD to date in the USA)DVD-R.


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Reviews (2)

Natalie J. 25th Aug 2019

I was in a 70s mood!

This was a nice look back at teenage runaways during the 70s and it had Eve Plum in it. i saw it on tv like once and who knew I wouldn't be able to see it again until now. showed it to my grandad and he also really liked it and was surprised I would even remember the movie, I guess when I was a kid I was paying attention!

Pamela 7th Apr 2019

Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway

A really good movie from the 70's. I am so happy to have found it here. The quality is very good and I enjoyed watching it again. Thank you.

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