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A Cold Night's Death 1973/DVD


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After the mysterious death of their colleagues, scientists Robert Jones (Robert Culp) and Frank Enari (Eli Wallach) are sent to an isolated research station deep in the Arctic Circle to continue their observation of monkey behavioral patterns. As the two men quarrel over who has to clean the station and other responsibilities, they slowly realize that the deaths of their co-workers may have something to do with a mysterious and dangerous presence, one that the monkeys increasingly fear.



1973 TV movie

Cast: Robert Culp, Eli Wallach

Not released. VHS Transfer



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Reviews (5)

Marvis Clark 6th Apr 2021

A cold night's death

This movie definitively keeps you guessing. The killer was a suprise.

KenR 10th Dec 2019

A Cold Nights Death – Isolation and Weirdness

Another of those odd 70s TV Movies that immediately drew you in with its curious title - then wouldn’t let you go. Set in the icy wildness of the Tower Mountain Research Station, two scientists are sent to discover why the previous resident scientist committed suicide, or did he?. Odd things begin to happen that cause both men to doubt the motives of the other. Good performances by the two leads make this strange little thriller work, despite some patchy pacing. While its only 74mins, it still needs some editing to keep it on target. The story, sets, and photography are good and the viewer truly begins to feel the chill creeping into their bones - while Gil Melle’s creepy electronic score supplies some goosebumps along the way. Worth a look – that is, if you can find it! Some DVDs exist but many are such poor quality it’s not worth your effort. If you can find one offering 8 out of 10 (or better) visual quality then it could be worth the effort.

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