The Midnight hour - DVD

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The Midnight Hour (1985) | DVD

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Starring Lee Montgomery, Shari Belafonte, LeVar Burton, Peter DeLuise, Dick Van Patten

Format :DVD All Region

Language : English
Genre :Drama/Comedy/80's/teenagers/horror/TV movies


Phil, Melissa, Mitch, Mary, and Vinnie are high school friends, who unwittingly raise the dead on Halloween night. Once the dead have returned, Pitchford Cove will never be the same again....or will it?.

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Reviews (2)

Donny 28th Nov 2017

Need me a blue ray of this

I am happy to have the movie on DVD because my vhs tape was getting too glitchy so bought it. Quality is better but collector's need a blue ray version of this movie as i think it's about that time. I've seen cornier movies get a release but keep wondering when will we get one for this one? anyways my package came fast and seems to be a great service here. will probbaly use them again.

Mahindra Hingarani 31st Oct 2017


I last saw this movie in the 80's and finally able to watch this again but now with the addition of my kids and they really liked it and thought it was cheesy but at the same time funny. I'm trying to 'school' them that some of these older movies are still better than today's movies. Thank you!

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