Hugga Bunch - DVD

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The Hugga Bunch 1985: /DVD


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Starring: Gennie James, Natalie Masters, Terry Castillo

No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English:
Genre :Action/Family/Rare/80s/toys

The 80s had a lot  of these toys that ended up being "movies" for kids. They were corny, but as a kid you couldn't tell us nothing! Well hear is a rarity called "The Hugga bunch".

A girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother, the only one who knows how to hug, young....

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Reviews (3)

Melissa 10th Jan 2019

Great Purchase

So happy I found this on DVD. Quality isn't the absolute best but it's great especially for a movie that's so hard to find other than vhs.

Nicole 19th Oct 2017

Hugga Bunch DVD

Wow. This was such a random find, very happy to have stumbled upon... GREAT condition- quality expected to be off due to how old (also non-remastered). Packaging just fine and SUPER FAST SHIP. A+. THANKS!

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