A Long Return - DVD 1975

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a long return 1975 |DVD

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Starring :

  • Mark Burns ... David Ortega
  • Lynne Frederick ... Anna Ortega

Format :DVD All Region
Language : English (Dubbed)
Genre : / Suspense //Romance

A young vibrant college student, Anna (Lynne Frederick), catches eye of architect, David Ortega (Mark Burns), at an orchestra show. She quickly falls in love with him and eventually wins his love. The two become inseparable and fall madly in love with each other and marry. Soon after, Anna begins acting strange, experiences sudden fatigue, and memory loss (even forgetting her best friend). It is then her husband learns that she has a rare and deadly disease of the nervous system that is quickly killing her. While in the hospital, with her husband by her bed side, Anna suddenly goes into a state of a coma. Doctors tell David she has less than days to live. He pleads to the Doctor for help of any kind and they inform David that Anna's only chance of survival is to put her in a state of perpetual deep sedation, which would shut down her body and practically freeze her in time and prevent her from aging, until a cure can be found for her disease.

on DVD-R

Quality 6.5 / 7



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