A Cold Night's Death - DVD

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A Cold Night's Death 1973/DVD


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After the mysterious death of their colleagues, scientists Robert Jones (Robert Culp) and Frank Enari (Eli Wallach) are sent to an isolated research station deep in the Arctic Circle to continue their observation of monkey behavioral patterns. As the two men quarrel over who has to clean the station and other responsibilities, they slowly realize that the deaths of their co-workers may have something to do with a mysterious and dangerous presence, one that the monkeys increasingly fear.



1973 TV movie

Cast: Robert Culp, Eli Wallach

Not released. VHS Transfer



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Reviews (3)

Enrique Rodriguez 20th Jul 2019

Excellent film, and excellent delivery by Vintage Shack

I had watched this film on television when I was a kid and always wanted to get the dvd. Now, 40 years later, I enjoyed it as much as before. Two men on top of a frozen mountain, doing experiments with apes, and strange things happening. Really good, thoroughly recommend it. And the delivery from Vintage Shack was fast and flawless, although they had to ship "all the way" to Switzerland,

Carey M. Irsitti 24th Apr 2019

Reminds me of the Thing movie

I dunno but this movie reminds me of john carpenters The Thing even though it came out way before that movie was made. May be its the whole snowy isolated atmosphere, this is a good one that I remembered but couldn't remember the name of. Why they don't show these style of movies on television any more? I don't even see it on Turner Classics during halloween! what's going on with television these days? Concerning vintage shack, good service and answered my questions helpfully and polite, package came in a good time too. thank you.

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