Sunnyside - DVD (Joey Travolta)

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Sunnyside |DVD 1978

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Format DVD All Region
Language : English
Quality : 7.5 - 8.0
Genre :Action/Gangs/crime/70's/Rumbles

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Synopsis for Movie:

Joey Travolta, an older brother of John, has the family smile, the family walk, the family haircut and the family derrière. He may also have some portion of the family acting talent, but a movie like "Sunnyside" — designed almost entirely to capitalize on Mr. Travolta's resemblance to his brother — makes it hard to hazard a guess. He's a lot more appealing than his surroundings. But these are so dismal that almost anything would look bright by comparison.

Mr. Travolta plays the paradoxical role of a saintly gang leader, a baaaad Boy Scout. He lives in a tough neighborhood, wants to move away with his nice girlfriend, and meanwhile spends a lot of time either squabbling with his family at the dinner table (remember "Saturday Night Fever"?) or strutting down the street (see note above). He handles the role's minimal and predictable demands well, though, especially in view of the camera's determination to shoot him only in long shot or in profile. These angles aren't designed to make the most of his performance; they mean to camouflage the fact that in full-face he doesn't look quite as much like John.

Another promising actor lost in "Sunnyside" is Andrew Rubin, who makes a character named Reaper appropriately oily. A third player, who is crucified in one of the film's most graphically ugly moments, does a fine job up until then.



This film is rated R.
Nick Martin . . . . . Joey Travolta
Denny Martin . . . . . John Lansing
Donna Rosario . . . . . Stacey Pickren
Eddie Reaper . . . . . Andrew Rubin
Harry Cimoli . . . . . Michael Tucci
Ann Rosario . . . . . Talia Balsam
Reggie Flynn . . . . . Chris Mulkey



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Reviews (2)

Marko L. 20th May 2017

Sunnyside (1979), extremely hard to find gang-classic

It was absolutely awesome to see this forgotten gang movie from the late '70ies in Staten Island, NYC! And this print from Vintageshack was good enough quality to watch, so I was completely thrilled! Joey Travolta in the leading role was sharp and slick, and all the other actors were OK too. The script and story were both very exciting, in my opinion. So, highly recommended! Many thanks, Vintageshack!

Jackie M 3rd Oct 2016

The best selection of hard to find or never released movies!

I recently purchased this movie for my brother who saw it on cable & remembered how much we loved this movie as kids. This movie came out around the same as The Warriors, which was a big box office hit at the time. It's a great movie; very nostalgic with a good cast of characters. If not for Vintage Shack, there's NO WAY I would have been able to purchase a copy of this IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND gem. Amazing service, quick turnaround time & professional packaging. Item arrived better than expected in mint condition. Will definitely recommend Vintage Shack to all my movie loving friends. My brother was so excited (& surprised) when I told him I found a copy of this movie on your website. Thanks so much!

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