Young Again - DVD (Keanu Reeves)

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Young Again with Keanu Reeves 1986 Wonderful World of Disney| DVD

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Starring : Keanu Reeves,Lindsay Wagner,Robert Urich
Format : All Region DVD
Language : English
Quality : 8.5

Genre : /Drama/comedy/Teens/family

Michael Riley whishes to be 17 again and which comes true. He goes back to the high school where he fell in love with Laura and still be in love with her. Mick is very happy and excited to be 17 again, he finds Laura who is a widow having 2 children and then realizes the reason why they broke up years ago. Laura makes Mick understand that there is no way to go back. Finally Mick is willing to face who he is and has a new start with Laura when he turns back to a middle age man..

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Reviews (2)

Marshall J******* 21st Jan 2018

Why no air play for this movie?

Everyone should see this movie and you don't have to be a Keanu Reeves fan to appreciate it. I recall watching 18 again with Georeg Burns, 17 again with (both versions with The Mowry Sisters and even the one with Zac Efron) but why is it no one knows about this with Keanu? This is a cool movie with the beautiful Linsdey Wagner from The bionic Woman, and when Keanu is in it Dancing crazily to Madonna's song "Burning up" in the club, that scene can't be missed!

Nadezhda B. 18th Oct 2017

I'm happy with my purchase!

I`m happy with my purchase! Very quickly and the DVDs region code (All regions) does work as it should here in Sweden (was worried a little about that). Thank you!

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