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The In Crowd 1988/DVD


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The In Crowd is a 1988 film directed by Mark Rosenthal and written by Rosenthal and his long time writing partner Lawrence Konner. The period piece set in the 1960s features music of the era, including "Land of a Thousand Dances" and the instrumental "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" by Vince Guaraldi..

Perry Parker (Joe Pantoliano) is a Philadelphia dance-show host who hopes to replace Dick Clark after Clark leaves for Hollywood. Del Green (Donovan Leitch) is an honors student, highly motivated, who’s dream is to dance on the Perry Parker show with Vicky (Jennifer Runyon)..




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Reviews (2)

Kiernan 24th Oct 2018

for the family and good music soundtrack too

Good copy! So hard to find. Thankx

Gloria Fox 14th Mar 2018

The In Crowd

Love this movie!!! Searching for quite sometime and finally located Vintage Shack and they had the cheapest price.

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