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The Haunted: /DVD

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Starring: Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey DeMunn,

No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English:
Genre :Haunted Houses/Hauntings/supernatural/thrillers/suspense/TV Movies

Several years after they move into their suburban Pennsylvania home, the Smurl family suffers through increasingly dangerous and unpredictable attacks by evil spirits, causing them to go to desperate measures to get help... This TV movie is the real deal. No matter whether it really happened or not, the film is a nicely creepy piece of work. In eschewing Amityville Horror-type theatrics, The Haunted has captured the eerie feeling that it could happen to any of us--the greatest thing you could hope instill in a ghost story. The acting is also quite good, and the minimalist use of special effects both suits and enhances the story.


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Reviews (1)

Allen Massey 14th Jan 2017

Good movie about the Smurl family haunting

I did not know this movie was not available on a real studio DVD, but the seller cleared it up to me, and I appreciate being able to have the movie anyways as it seems hard to get now.

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