The Frog Prince - DVD (Aileen Quinn)

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Starring: Aileen Quinn (Annie) John Paragon, Clive Revill
Format :DVD All Region
Language : English
Genre : Family/adventure/Fantasy/

Synopsis: Princess Zora (Aileen Quinn) of the land of Tartonia feels lonely and sad, seemingly overshadowed by her prettier sister, Henrietta (Helen Hunt), and without many friends. While she's searching for companionship, she happens upon a man-size frog named Ribbit (John Paragon), who is actually a human prince who has been cursed into his current shape. As the pair bonds, Henrietta becomes spiteful of her sister's newfound happiness and tries to put an end to the blossoming relationship...






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Reviews (4)

Angela 15th Oct 2019

Nice Addition

I have a few versions of this movie. This one is my favorite. Been looking for a copy for a long time. I'm excited to get one, I was a little taken back finding out it was a made copy but still love it.

Jenny 27th Mar 2019

Great Quality

I loved this movie as a kid and then my children fell in love with it when it was on Netflix a few years ago, but then I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am ecstatic to own a copy now. The quality is great.

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