Ron Howard's Cotton Candy - DVD

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Cotton Candy| dvd


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Starring : Charles Martin Smith,Clint Howard,Leslie King,Dean Scofield.

Format:DVD-All Region
Language :English
Genre :Drama/70's/Contests/Band/Teens

A group of high school friends form a rock band to go up against the "cool kids" Rock band. Out of print, Ron Howard directorial debut.






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Reviews (2)

Martin Black 11th May 2020

Cotton Candy

I loved this movie as a kid & never could find a copy of it anywhere. It was cool to see it again & the quality of the copy I received was better than I expected it to be! Thank You

Esai Watkins 23rd Feb 2017

Cool TV movie!

What's the big deal why Ron Howard can't approve this for a release?!? It's better then a lot of other TV movies even from that time. It's a nice look back at the 70's, and if they had a soundtrack to the bands I'd buy it! Thank you!

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