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Starring :Kadeem Hardison, Marcus Chong, Courtney B. Vance, Bokeem Woodbine, Joe Don Baker, Anthony Griffith, Nefertiti, James Russo, Richard Dysart, M. Emmet Walsh, Mario Van Peebles; Directed By: Mario Van Peebles
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Format :DVD NTSC & PAL (All Regions)(Rare Out of Print)
Language : English
Genre :Suspense,Thriller,Drama,Civil Rights movement,Docu-dramas, 

The Van Peebles family teaches Oliver Stone History 101 with a fictionalized account of the Black Panthers' emergence as a voice for African Americans and as a fixture on the FBI's most wanted list in the late '60s. Judge (Hardison), a Vietnam vet forced by the FBI to become an informant, chronicles the activities of leaders Bobby Seale (Vance) and Huey P. Newton (Chong) and serves as witness to the Panthers' rise and subsequent fall into corruption and disintegration.





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Janet Swayne 15th Dec 2017

Panther (1995)

I have been searching for a DVD version of this film for several years and was about to give up when I happened to come across Vintage Shack. I was a little skeptical at first but decided to take a chance. The DVD is clear with great audio. It is a great movie with an all star cast. Thank you Vintage Shack!

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