From Earth to the Moon - DVD

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From Earth to the Moon (1958)|DVD

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Starring : Joseph Cotten, George Sanders, Debra Paget, Don Dubbins, Patric Knowles, Carl Esmond
Format :DVD All Region
Language : English
Genre : / Sci-fi//Classics/B-movies/1950s

Set just after the American civil war, businessman and inventor Victor Barbicane invents a new source of power called Power X. He plans to use it to power rockets, and to show its potential he plans to send a projectile to the moon. Joining him for the trip are his assistant Ben Sharpe, Barbicane's arch-rival Stuyvesant Nicholl, and Nicholl's daughter Virginia. Nicholl believes that Power X goes against the will of God and sabotages the projectile so that they cannot return to earth, setting up a suspenseful finale as they battle to repair the projectile.

*Not officially released on DVD to date.



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Reviews (1)

Leo LeBlanc 9th Sep 2018

From Earth to the Moon

This movie was fun to watch. This Jules Verne classic reminded me of the movie "First Men on the Moon", the H. G. Well's Victorian sci-fi flick. The reproduction quality of "From the Earth to the Moon" was great. The color was crisp, and the audio excellent. I had just about given up trying to obtain a United States playable DVD version of this movie until i ran across Vintage Shack. Thanks Vintage Shack for such a quality product!

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