Double Standard - DVD Robert Foxworth

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Double Standard 1988 /DVD


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Robert Foxworth, Michele Greene, Christianne Hirt, Pamela Bellwood

No. Of Disc : 1
Format :DVD:All Region
Language :English:
Genre :TV/drama/Rare/Soap Opera movies

The true story of a judge who lives a double life, and stays married to two women for more than 15 years. While one knows nothing of the other, his second wife doesn't care that he is married already as long as he comes home to her as well. When his secret finally does come out, tragedy strikes, costing him more than he could have thought.

*Not available officially on DVD.  All Regioned DVD.





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Reviews (2)

Janet Swayne 15th Dec 2017

Double Standard DVD

I have been looking for a copy of this movie for years to no avail. I think that the transfer is excellent considering the age of the movie.

Benice Cannon 5th Dec 2016

Double standard

Good movie..glad you had it in stock

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