The Peanut Butter Solution - DVD

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Starring : Mathew Mackay, Siluck Saysanasy, Alison Darcy.
No. Of Discs : 1
Format:DVD-All Region
Language :English
Genre :Drama/Comedy/kids/adventure

Peanut butter is the secret ingredient for magic potions made by two friendly ghosts. Eleven-year-old Michael loses all of his hair when he gets a fright and uses the potion to get his hair back, but too much peanut butter causes things to get a bit hairy.


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Reviews (2)

jaylene 17th Nov 2016

The peanut butter solution

Received mine today, plays good haven't had a problem will for sure order again. Never thought I would get to see that movie again so Thank you for making that happen.

Dustin 17th Nov 2016

Nostalgia Win

My wife and I remembered watching this film on TV when we were kids. It was great to sit down and watch it together, and she's planning on playing it again when she has family around for the holidays.

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