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June 2018:

"The Biscuit Eater" 1940 version

Two boys (Billy Lee, Cordell Hickman) of different races turn a runty Arkwright pointer into a champion Georgia bird dog. Billy Lee Cordell Hickman Richard Lane

Previous weeks/months..

"Surf Safara" aka "Dune Surfer"

In a desire to find the ultimate wave, a surfer travels to the Kalahari Desert. His car breaks down in an isolated area where he is befriended by a farmer and his wife, who becomes attracted to the stranger.

"Village Girls' aka "La chatte sur un doigt brûlant"

A number of strange characters come to Corecheux, in France: the Lalyre famille, an homossexual notary, a severe-looking governess, a female witch, a veterinarian, a journalist, and possibly the most chaste of them all, a few young girls ready to lift their skirts up at anything... A young priest takes over the mission to preach at this country estate village - but maybe he is too vigorous for the task. (English Dubbed)

Previously uploaded:

"Ring of Darkness"

Popular boy band Take 10, in need of a new singer, holds an audition for a slew of contestants, including over-serious rocker Shawn (Coltin Scott). He isn't interested in being in a fluffy pop group, but was talked into auditioning by his girlfriend, Stacy (Ryan Starr). Shawn is selected as a finalist, and the band flies him and the other hopefuls to a remote beach resort, ostensibly to choose a winner. Instead, the band reveals their dark secret: They're really zombies looking for a feast.

You'll probably be laughing more than screaming on this one!

"Summertime Killer" 1972

A six-year-old boy witnesses mobsters beat his father to death. Twenty years later, the now-grown boy begins to track down and eliminate the men who did it, determined to wipe out the entire gang. A police detective investigating the killings, and the Mafia boss who heads the gang, are just as determined to stop him.

Stars Karl Malden

"Terror" 1978

Royal descendants feel the wrath of the curse of condemned witch Mad Dolly, who spews forth her prophecy while she is burned at the stake. The victims suffer death by having their heads removed in various fashions, getting their limbs caught in animal traps, knife wounds, and other methods of medieval torture.

"Inn of the Damned"

A sheriff investigates why the guests at a local hostelry check in, but never check out.

  • Judith Anderson as Caroline Straulle
  • Alex Cord as Cal Kincaid
  • Michael Craig as Paul Melford
  • Joseph Furst as Lazar Straulle
  • Tony Bonner as Trooper Moore
  • John Meillon as George Parr

Enjoy (While they're available on the channel..if you're familiar with Youtube and uploads, it could disappear at anytime! lol!)